First blog post

Hello everybody! This is Sarah from Feminists Opposed to Pornography. I wanted to make a blog for my personal life, as it is pretty busy and can get overwhelming. I wanted to tell you all a little bit more about myself. I am 22 years old and live in New England. I am a senior in college and will get my Bachelor’s in Psychology in May. In June I start my online degree program for my Master’s in Psychology, I’m not sure of the concentration yet. I’ve been with my loving partner, G, for almost two years and even though it’s hard sometimes I’m overall extremely happy. I work as a DSP for people with disabilities and it is a stressful job but is personally very rewarding. 

Growing up, I was bullied a lot and did not have great personable skills so I was withdrawn. I’m slowly learning to express myself but it isn’t always easy. Much of my stressors in life come from my education, work, family, relationship, and my desire to branch out and achieve my future.



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