Boyfriend Appreciation Post

Today is 23 months with G, I’m blessed and thankful to have made it this far with him. I appreciate G for many reasons, but I wanted to make a short post about why I appreciate him the most.

  1. He loves me for who I am. Even if that someone is clingy, a bed hog, gets upset and jealous easy, and if I’m not all too confident in myself yet. It makes me happy deep down knowing that even at my worst I’m good enough for him.
  2. He makes me laugh. G is by far the funniest person I know! He always has me laughing and we have lots of inside jokes that we share.
  3. He’s a good listener. G will always take time out of his day to listen to me talk about what’s bothering me, even if he can’t right away. He always wants me to be happy and always encourages me to express how I’m feeling.
  4. He’s supportive. G is the one who encouraged me to blog about pornography and my feelings, and he’s never doubted me. When I cried because I didn’t have a lot of viewers or someone was mean, he tells me not to give up. He reminds me that my views are mine and that I should stick by them.
  5. He tries hard with everything. If he knows something he does is hurting me or bothering me, he puts in a genuine effort to change the behavior. Even if he slips up along the way he at least tries.
  6. He reminds me how much he loves me everyday. He texts me good morning nearly every day, and he tells me out of the blue how lucky he is to have me at least once a day.
  7. He’s changed his outlook on certain things because of me without me having to force him. Porn is a big one. Last night his brother mentioned he felt he had a porn addiction and G joked about it to break the ice, but he mentioned at his brother’s age he was a porn addict too and now he doesn’t look at it anymore; that it’s a habit you must break before it negatively affects you. G also reminded them that just because it doesn’t seem to affect your life doesn’t mean it’s not.
  8. He is the best cuddle bug in the world. He always cuddles me and makes me feel safe. He’s like a big teddy bear who warms me up! 
  9. He always apologizes when he’s wrong. G has a temper and sometimes says things he doesn’t mean, but don’t we all? He will apologize when he is wrong and I respect that. It’s given me the courage to apologize when I make mistakes.
  10. He’s the one person who’s been in my life consistently for two years. I lost my best friend and many of my other friends over the years due to leaving social media, leaving jobs, and just growing apart. It’s given me anxiety over the years about making friends, and with him I don’t have to try. I can just be myself and he loves me no matter what. ❤

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