The Great Yoga Pants Debate

Veronica Partridge shared an article on her Christian blog about why she chose to stop wearing yoga pants in order to better honor her husband. There were two major responses to the article: you go girl or I’m going to wear what I want! I was torn after reading this article because I wear yoga pants, but it bothers me if my boyfriend has lustful thoughts about other women. 

Some women supported Patridge’s message that men will look, but you can give them something less to look at. I’m from Massachusetts where many high schools have decided to ban yoga pants because they are distracting to male students and teachers. Partridge’s own husband said that it’s hard for him to not look at other women in yoga pants but he tries hard not to. I agree with her points that if you don’t want your husband to lust after other women you shouldn’t put yourself in a position for other men to lust after you. If I’m out by myself and I wear yoga pants I try to wear a baggy shirt so my bum isn’t exposed. Some states consider yoga pants to be “indecent exposure” and can give jail time. 

Meanwhile, other women fell in the camp of disagreeing because they want to wear what they want. Many men also support this opinion because they want to see women in yoga pants. Some women don’t wear underwear with their yoga pants. They feel that men are going to look whether they’re wearing a burlap sack or yoga pants so they want to at least look good if they’re getting leered at. I am someone who firmly believes in holding people accountable for their own actions. I think that the more men are excused for leering at women, the more that women will be blamed for men’s reactions. I think it is wrong to tell a young woman that she has to change because she’s a distraction, yet men expose their stomachs and underwear and aren’t punished.

Regardless of which camp you fall into, you have to admit it’s alarming when you’re shopping for yoga pants that pornographic images and websites come up. That shows that yoga pants are intended to have some sexual reaction from other people. It is alarming because so many young women are wearing yoga pants: many posts on websites are from willing women, but others are taken without victims’ consents. 

The Denver Channel talks about how schools across the nation are banning yoga pants but some states want them banned state-wide. Some argue that yoga pants are good for lazy folk who don’t want to change when they get home from the gym or want a quick outfit. Others argue they’re distracting and leave nothing to the imagination.
Reading these articles got me thinking that maybe I should reconsider wearing yoga pants if I want my boyfriend to not stare at women in yoga pants. I feel that I should be the respect in my partner that I want from him. 


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