Too Much

Sometimes life is too much. From an outside perspective it may seem like my life is all sunshine and roses, but it’s very stressful. Monday-Friday I’m doing a week of school and work. My job involves me working with disabled people who have hit me, obsessed over me and bullied me. I hate my job. School is also stressful. Two hard classes. I have to manage my time carefully. Weekends are my days off, but I have to rush around to do errands I have no time to do during the day week. I don’t make enough money at my job but I’m limited until I graduate in May. I’m excited to graduate and find a better paying job where I’m appreciated. I had an anxiety attack this morning because I’m overwhelmed with everything. I called out of work when I usually don’t just because I panicked about having to go to that hell for 7 hours. My boyfriend has no days off either so he’s stressed out. It makes me sad because I wish I could trade places with him so he had weekends off and I didn’t. I feel overwhelmed and I feel I won’t succeed. I’m swallowed by life’s vortex and feel I can’t breathe. I don’t wanna do so many things anymore but I know that when I have kids and get a big job it’ll be harder. But I find solace in the idea that my kids and job will appreciate my efforts. I feel very under appreciated. 


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